My biggest fear is waking up cishet

This was a weekend for the books

We twirled in the park and swung on swings marveling in the fact that the world was ours for the taking
Just two kids still figuring life out but knowing enough to know that this world is so small yet so big
And that we are so small yet so big
And as I whispered secrets into your mouth, laughing and kissing and spinning and swinging
I swore I was reborn, and you swore you were in love
And we swore that we could conquer this big small world together

I feel gross today


So Easter is on 420 this year


So Easter is on 420 this year

Anonymous asked: "My trouble is that the people at my school scare me and my only stoner friends live in my old city and I won't be back around there till Christmas"

Shit I’m sorry to hear that man, I would recommend just keeping your eye out for people that seem friendly, there’s bound to be someone. People are nice, go meet people and make stoner friends :)


have you ever had a friend who is literally like your soul mate but like in a friendship way like you are so compatible and perfect for each other like idk

Anonymous asked: "I've never done any drugs but I want to try weed and I don't know how to go about trying it and none of my main friends use any drugs so I don't know what to do"

Branch out, make friends with stoners, they’re everywhere! Look at who you know that’s talking about it being 420!

I get to kiss so many beautiful people

I did shrooms last night and it was so trippy


if u tag me in things i will be 100% happy idont even care what it is


hello science side of tumblr please explain straight people

Anonymous asked: "what happened to you and alex?"

ask me off anon

Anonymous asked: "54, 64, 74"

56. First Bestfriend
Alexandra in kindergarden

64. Do you want kids?
Eventually yes but not biological children

74. Which is better, hook-up or relationship?
It really depends